The Benefits of Teeth Straightening

 In Dr Marc Hughes

It’s not just about aesthetics
There are numerous reasons as to why you should consider straightening your teeth. The most obvious is down to aesthetics. Many people simply want to be able to smile freely without embarrassment. Misaligned, unsightly teeth can cause low self-esteem and confidence issues. Just the ability to smile naturally without fear can be a life-changing experience for most.

Straight teeth, however, are greatly desirable for more practical reasons. If teeth are over-crowded, too widely spaced or crooked, this can lead to inflamed gums and increased plaque. Food is much more likely to become trapped, building up in hard-to-reach areas. Correctly aligned teeth can alleviate this issue and other complications including improper bite, speech or chewing difficulties, jaw problems, poor air flow around the mouth and increased wear on the tooth enamel.

What are your options?
Here at the Strand on the Green Dental Practice we offer Invisalign, the almost invisible brace system, which can produce incredible results in a short period of time.

How does the Invisalign aligner work?
Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world. Made of a unique SmartTrack material, you will be able to preview your new smile before your treatment actually begins.
We take photographs, X-rays and digital scans inside your mouth, creating precise images of your teeth. 3D printing technology then uses this information to create a set of highly accurate, customised aligners.
Treatment with maximum discretion

Virtually invisible, this is a firm favourite amongst our patients wishing to gently straighten their teeth in the least obvious way possible. In fact, no one need know that you’re even wearing it… except for us of course! Once manufactured, we will give you sets of aligners that you must wear in sequence, moving to the next every few weeks. The aligners are removable but must be worn for at least 22 hours each day for maximum effect. Usefully, this means that you are able to remove the aligner for eating, or even for the odd photograph!
Every 6-8 weeks you will return to us at the practice for a review of your progress and to receive the next batch of aligners. Treatment plans usually take between 3 and 6 months to complete.

Why should I choose Invisalign?
With Invisalign, your comfort and self-confidence are given a boost from the get go – you alone will know that you are actively rectifying an issue that troubles you, without anyone needing to realise. Why draw needless attention throughout the treatment process? The invisible aligner is reassuringly discreet, compared to visible wire braces (which may also temporarily affect your speech). However, the aligner must be worn for the minimum number of hours per day, otherwise you are wasting your time and money. You must be self-disciplined enough to wear it as specified. With Invisalign, both the aligner and your teeth are conveniently easy to clean. As a wire brace is permanently attached to your teeth, there is no danger of forgetting to wear it… but cleaning can often be fiddly and time-consuming.

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