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As well as the wide range of dental treatments and the friendly professional service, you pay less than at most Chiswick dentists.

General check ups
New patient exam and x-rays £70
Routine examination £36
Digital OPG £40
Digital bitewing x-rays £11
Study models (plastic models to aid treatment planning) £45
Student check up £30
New Patient Student check up (including X-rays) £50
Root canal treatment
Incisor or canine from £395
Pre-molar from £395
Molar from £550
Re-RCT additional £50
per 30 mins/per hour £57.50/£105
Consultation with Consultant To be advised
Removal of dental roots POA
Removal of impacted wisdom teeth £350
Oral biopsy / excision lump £300
Apicectomy £350
Implant placement with crown from £2300
Bone rebuild from £350
Invisalign Diagnosis
Upper and Lower arch
£250 refunded against treatment
Cfast Diagnosis
Single arch
Double arch
from £120
from £1850
from £2950
Smile Tru Diagnosis
Single arch
Double arch
from £120
from £1850
from £2950
Wrinkle treatment
Consultation FREE
Wrinkle treatment
1 area
2 areas
3 areas
Additional areas

Hyperhidrosis treatment
(under arm sweating)
Masseter muscle
(help teeth clenching and grinding)
Dermal fillers
Total fee based on volume needed


Tooth whitening
Consultation FREE
Zoom – 2 hour whitening in surgery with home whitening kit £495
Tooth whitening bleaching kit includes 4 boutique gels £300
White (composite) £85-£195
Amalgam (silver) £90-£140
Crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers
Veneers from £595
Crowns and inlays from £595 – £700
Bridges (per unit) from £595 – £650
Re-cement bridge from £60
Re-cement crowns, inlays, onlays from £60
Lab made post and core
(inserted into the tooth for crown retention)
Non-surgical extractions from £110-150
Surgical extraction from £300
Sports guards from £95
Nightguard (to prevent grinding / wear
of teeth and jaw / headaches)
from £300
Soft mouthguard from £95
Anti-snore guard £450
Repairs and additions from £80
Valplast (flexible denture) from £650
Plastic (acrylic denture) from £600
Metal (Cobalt Chrome) from £950
Emergency treatment
Emergency appointment £55
Prescription £15
Failed appointments
Failed appointments/short notice cancellations
(based on length of appointment)
£1 per minute
against all appointments
Failed hygienist appointment or
cancellation within 24 hours

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