Teeth straightening

Orthodontics prevents and treats problems such as crooked, crowded and protruding teeth. As well as a stunning smile, orthodontic treatment makes teeth easier to clean, preventing gum disease and tooth loss.

Smile TRU

Smile TRU is a series of clear positioners that can be offered as an alternative to fixed braces for most people. Each positioner is designed to fit over the teeth and gently guide them into the desired position.


Cfast is a gentle, minimally invasive treatment for adults that uses sound orthodontic principles to straighten the upper and lower front six teeth – the ‘Social Six’ that make up your visible smile. Using a tooth coloured wire and clear brackets, it gently straightens your teeth to give you that healthy, beautiful smile.


Invisalign is a series of clear removable aligners are used to straighten your teeth. They’re almost invisible so people don’t notice you’re having treatment. You can easily remove them for eating. The treatment is suitable for all ages and is used to treat a variety of orthodontic problems.

An impression is taken of your teeth, and a custom designed 3D computer model is made, which shows you how your final smile will look. A series of aligners is manufactured that gradually move your teeth into the correct position.

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