Facial Aesthetics

A wrinkle relaxing injection can give you just the boost you need for a special occasion or a job interview. This non-surgical cosmetic treatment is used to treat frown lines, brow lines, crows feet, saggy necks and jowls, and excessive sweating.


This involves a series of small painless injections in the areas of the face to give a fresher more rested appearance. They minimise the effect of frowning by stopping the corrugator muscles from drawing the eyebrows together. They can also be used to reduce other ‘overactive’ facial expressions such as excessive brow raising or scrunching up of the ‘crows’ feet’ at the side of your eyes.  It is also suitable for treating excessive sweating.

The relaxing effect doesn’t happen instantly. It starts two to three days after treatment and increases over the next week. The effect of facial relaxation injections usually lasts between three and six months, but this effect improves with successive treatments. This is because muscles you don’t use by nature naturally become weaker and weaker.

Dr Kate Hughes is fully trained in this non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Line and wrinkle treatments have been used since the late 80s and provide a treatment with no recovery time and very few risks.

“I must have spent thousands over the years on anti-aging face creams but this is the one thing that has made a real difference. I look younger and fresher. It is painless too!”


Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are an effective non-surgical treatment to reduce the signs of ageing on your face. As we grow older, we lose the collagen that helps shape and support our skin, making us appear older as natural lines and wrinkles deepen. You may also notice your lips shrinking as you age which can detract from your beautiful new teeth. Lips are an important indicator of youth and vitality. Kate uses dermal fillers to add definition, support the edges of the lips, and fill out wrinkles, preventing lips from collapsing into lines and retreating into the mouth. These dermal fillers can also be used to add volume to your lips, ‘plumping’ them up to make them look fuller and younger.

Dermal fillers are not limited to your lips, we can also utilise them to reduce the effect of lines and wrinkles anywhere on the face; from smile lines nasolabial lines and lines around the lips, all can be improved. Dermal fillers can be injected into the skin to ‘plump up’ these lines, filling them in and smoothing out your skin for a younger, fresher look and, as a result, boosting your self-confidence.

Dermal fillers are particularly popular as they provide an immediate result which can last a substantial amount of time. The exact length of time the effect will last varies depending on the type of product used, the location of the filler, and the type of skin you have. You can expect some temporary redness or minor swelling immediately after treatment, however this will subside quickly. It is important to recognise that we will only ever use facial aesthetics to enhance your natural beauty, rather than recreate your image.

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