What to expect at a check-up from the dentist in Chiswick

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Here at Strand on the Green Dental Practice, we offer a range of options to help our patients to get the best possible smile. The most fundamental aspect of ensuring that the smile looks great is going for regular check-ups from the dentist in Chiswick. Those who have not visited for a while might feel a little unsure about how the process works. Here, we explain why it is so important to get those check-ups and what our patients can expect when they make that appointment.

Helping to protect oral health

A person’s oral health is often a reflection of their general health. When the teeth and gums are in good condition, then the patient is less likely to suffer from all kinds of health issues. Getting regular check-ups from the dentist in Chiswick is instrumental in helping to maintain good oral health. This is because these appointments allow us to identify any minor issues that have the potential to develop into problems that affect the integrity of the teeth and gums.

For example, most people are not aware of the early stages of a cavity or even gum disease. The dentist in Chiswick can spot these issues during examination and take action to prevent them from developing any further. This means that the patient needs less treatment, less time spent on appointments, and they can make financial savings too.

The first stage of the check-up

The initial step of a check-up appointment, particularly for the patient who has not visited us for some time, is to complete a document regarding medical history. This is easy to do and is mostly a simple box ticking exercise. This document provides the dentist with important information on the health of the patient and any medications they might be taking that could affect their oral health as well as any treatments that might be needed.

Meeting the dentist

We aim to make every visit as relaxed as possible for our patients, so we begin by introducing ourselves and helping to put people at ease with a quick chat. The next step is a conversation about how the patient currently takes care of their teeth and gums. We ask about how often they brush and floss, and if they have been experiencing any difficulties in maintaining their oral health.

We then enquire about the eating habits of the patient, as these can have an impact on the condition of the teeth and gums. We also ask about other factors such as the consumption of alcohol and whether the patient smokes, as these can also affect oral health.

Physical examination

The physical examination involves lying back in the chair and allowing the dentist to thoroughly inspect the teeth and gums. We check for cavities, the build-up of plaque and any other potential issues. This should only take a few minutes and does not involve any discomfort for the patient.

Once a year or so, we like to do an x-ray of the teeth and gums. This allows us to check on the condition of the mouth beneath what is visible and ensure that the inside of the teeth and their foundations are solid and healthy.

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