The Importance of Oral Hygiene

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Good hygiene is crucial in every aspect of life. Being hygienic is important for both health and social reasons, not least when regarding your mouth. Many people view the dentist and hygienist as one and the same, but this couldn’t be further from the truth- dentists tend to treat existing oral health issues, whereas the hygienist will help you ever needing to see the dentist! It seems quite oxymoronic, but if you want to avoid seeing the dentist, visit the hygienist!

It goes without saying that prevention is the best cure, and dental hygiene is all about prevention. Dentistry has come along leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades, and it’s getting easier and easier for people to enjoy the benefits of having their original teeth for a lifetime- provided they are looked after well. Dental hygienists play a central role in helping you maintain a healthy smile, and avoid the discomfort and costs that may come with repairs and replacements. Hygienists will target the 3 main areas of oral health- teeth, gums and breath. Almost half of 35 year olds are affected by some form of gum disease, which can go undetected by patients as the disease is often painless and unnoticeable. Luckily, if you attend a hygienist regularly they will be able to pick up any signs of gum disease and offer you personalised advice to eliminate the problem- saving you a serious amount of discomfort.

We are all conscious of our own breath, and a surprisingly large number of people are concerned about having bad breath but do nothing about it. Whilst brushing your teeth regularly and using mouthwash will help to keep your breath fresh, it is sometimes not enough to keep you feeling confident throughout the day. If this sounds like you, you may be experiencing Halitosis. Luckily, a dental hygienist can give your teeth a regular deep clean and help you to avoid the problem. They will also recommend the best products to get you through the day and keep you happy and confident. Hygienists will also be able to take a look at your lifestyle and offer advice, as daily habits such as smoking or drinking coffee or red wine can be detrimental to your teeth.

A regular visit to the hygienist is an essential part of keeping your teeth and gums healthy, your smile bright and your breath fresh. If you book an appointment with our hygienists here at Strand on the Green Dental Practice they will give your teeth a professional clean, removing any plaque (bacteria that causes gum disease) and tartar. Your teeth will be polished, so that they look and feel fresh and clean, and You’ll get advice on the best way to care for your teeth and gums, and answers to any questions you have.

So, if you’re concerned that you’re not doing enough to keep your teeth and gums, why not book an appointment with us at Strand on the Green- just give us call on 020 8995 0298 and we’ll book you in as soon as possible!

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