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When most people are asked what they associate with a dental emergency, the majority will undoubtedly state that discomfort is one of the major symptoms.

And while it is true that most people are more motivated to seek emergency dental care if they have a sore tooth, it would be oversimplifying the issue to assume that this is the only kind of dental emergency that warrants same-day treatment.

Our team at Strand on the Green is always happy to meet with dental patients who may be suffering from a dental emergency. Our emergency dentist in Chiswick will always aim to see emergency cases within 24 hours of you contacting our dental surgery to ensure that any discomfort you experience is minimised and that you will be able to get back on track with your day as planned.

With that in mind, what are some of the most common symptoms that you need to see our emergency dentist in Chiswick? Read on to find out.


Discomfort under a tooth or in the mouth is one of the most common reasons why our dentist in Chiswick is contacted, as it is somewhat more motivating than most of the other items on this list. Discomfort can be due to a dental abscess, a cavity, a missing filling or crown, or may be due to trauma to the face following an accident. But if you are noticing any dental discomfort which is preventing you from sleeping or eating, then you need to contact our emergency team as soon as possible.


Swelling to the face may or may not be uncomfortable but if there is also swelling which is preventing you from being able to eat or breathe correctly, this will require emergency intervention. This can once again indicate that there is an underlying abscess, or that there is an impacted tooth, both of which can be exceedingly uncomfortable and can cause sudden swelling. Even if the swelling itself is not causing discomfort, you still need to have it assessed promptly.

Lost or loose fillings or crowns

Most people who have fillings or crowns will be able to testify that these restoratives can and do come loose and may need replacing. The most common symptom of a lost filling or crown is simply discomfort or sensitivity to the area when drinking hot or cold beverages. However, if you notice that a filling or crown has simply fallen out, you will need to contact us as soon as possible to see our dental team and have it restored.


Depending on the tooth it is underneath, an abscess may or may not be uncomfortable. If it is forming under a tooth that has had a root canal in the past, it’s unlikely you will feel any sensation other than pressure and a feeling of being unwell. Dental abscesses are usually accompanied by extreme discomfort, oral sensitivity and swelling. So, if you are feeling nauseated or unwell alongside a toothache, then it’s likely you have an abscess which is considered a dental emergency as, if it is not treated, it can lead to sepsis.


Bleeding from the mouth is usually associated with trauma or extraction of a tooth. If you notice that after applying gauze to the site of the bleeding for 20 minutes there is no slowing of the bleeding, you need to see our emergency team to have the underlying cause assessed and to have the area stitched to prevent further blood loss.

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