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After what felt like the world’s longest Winter, Summer finally arrived a few weeks ago here in the UK. Soaring temperatures and beautiful sunshine (along with a truly engaging World Cup this year) has united us all with a buzzing, party-like atmosphere! We have an opportunity here to take advantage of the feel-good factor and seize the chance to look and feel fantastic…

Longer days and stronger sunshine play a huge part in banishing those winter blues. Limited daylight throughout the colder months can sometimes lead to depression and seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) but more exposure to daylight has so far proven to be the most effective treatment for those suffering from low mood during the darker half of the year. A proven way to beat the blues is physical exercise, and with the longer days comes further opportunities to get yourself out in the morning and evening sunshine and get your heart pumping.

Along with the sunshine comes the opportunity to boost your vitamin D levels, which our bodies create when our bare skin is exposed to sunlight. A surprisingly high number of Brits however are currently deficient in vitamin D, which may also be down to more effective sunscreens in recent years. Health experts suggest that exposing yourself to early morning sunlight for 10 minutes each day will enable your body to produce a satisfying amount, which will keep side effects such as fatigue, insomnia and weight gain at bay. If you wish to protect your skin and overall health you must always use sunscreen if you plan to be in the sunlight for longer, especially during the hottest part of the day. Sunscreen will also help to protect your skin from premature ageing.

If your skin is showing signs of wear, remember to stay fully hydrated this summer. If you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. Sipping tap water little and often has so many health benefits that we can’t enforce this enough:
• Fight fatigue
• Reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol and digestive disorders
• Flush out toxins from your kidneys
• Reduce bloating and weight gain
• Slow down the ageing process
• Rinse your mouth of food residue and acid

If you feel that your skin requires a helping hand, look no further than our very own Dr Kate Hughes. Based here at the practice, Kate is fully trained in non-surgical cosmetic procedures that will leave you boosted with renewed vitality and self-confidence. Our anti-wrinkle treatments are simple, quick remedies that can yield wonderful results with almost immediate effect. Small facial relaxation injections are administered painlessly into areas of the face requiring attention. Rather than alter your appearance, this treatment will instead refresh the face, reduce the wrinkles and enhance your natural beauty.

Line and wrinkle treatments have been used since the late 1980s and provide a very satisfying result with no recovery time and very few risks. After your session you will find that your face begins to relax, which increases over the next few days. Most people will embrace visible results within the first week of treatment which typically last between 3 and 4 months. The effects improve with successive treatments.

This treatment is also proven to effectively calm areas of the face from excessive movement, such as brow-raising or the scrunching that can appear beside your eyes, known as “crow’s feet”. Also, as our eyebrows are drawn together when we frown, many of our clients have found relief from anti-wrinkle injections preventing the corrugator muscles from performing this action, which reduces the impact that frowning can have on our face.

Use this beautiful weather as a fantastic opportunity to look and feel great about yourself. There is no time like the present; British summers don’t have the best reputation, so seize the day and begin your lifestyle and beauty regime renovation today. You really can feel younger, fresher and fabulous in no time at all. Remember: Every day is another chance to turn it all around.

If you would like to discuss anything you have read here today, please feel free to call the practice on 020 8995 0298. We would be delighted to point you in the right direction and find a treatment that works for you. For some photographic before and after shots of previous clients, please Click Here.

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