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At Strand On The Green Dental Practice we’re passionate about helping our patients achieve the best dental health possible. That’s why we’re proud to offer dental implants, a popular and efficient way to replace missing teeth. If you’re considering dental implants, here’s everything you need to know from our dentist in Chiswick.

What are dental implants?

To put it simply, dental implants are new roots for replacement teeth. They are artificial and provide a permanent base to fix replacement teeth to. They’re a popular and efficacious alternative to bridges and dentures and can be used to replace a single missing tooth, several teeth, or a full arch of teeth.

How do dental implants work?

The dental implant procedure involves placing a small titanium post into the jawbone to serve as the new tooth root. As the bone in your jaw heals, it secures the implant. The jawbone will grow around the implant, setting it firmly in place. Once the implant has bonded to the jawbone, a small connector post and artificial tooth are attached to the implant.

Why choose dental implants?

There are many great reasons why patients choose dental implants and we wanted to share just a few of them.

The primary purpose of dental implants is to look and feel like natural teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence. They are designed to be so discreet that others will not even know you have implants rather than natural teeth.

We all want good value for money, even when it comes to our dental health. With proper care, your new dental fixing can last an entire lifetime.

Unlike dentures, dental implants do not require reduction of other teeth, and they help maintain the health of surrounding teeth and bones. This promotes overall better oral wellbeing leaving you both confident and healthy.

We don’t want the treatments we choose to have an unpleasant effect on our lifestyle. Dental implants are considered more comfortable than other treatments and more stable, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with ease.

What is the dental implant process like?

The dental implant process typically takes several months and involves several steps, including a consultation. During your initial consultation with our dentist in Chiswick, we’ll assess your oral health and discuss your goals and expectations to determine if dental implants are right for you.

During the planning phase, we’ll take X-rays and impressions of your teeth to determine the ideal placement of the implants. The implant placement surgery is performed under local anaesthesia or conscious sedation.

After the surgery, you’ll need time to heal, during which the implant will bond to the jawbone.

Once the implant has bonded to the jawbone, a small connector post and artificial tooth are attached to the implant.

How do I care for my dental implants?

To care for implants is much the same as caring for your natural teeth. It’s important to brush twice a day and floss daily to maintain good oral hygiene. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are also necessary to ensure the health of your implants.

In summary, dental implants are a great option for patients looking to replace missing teeth. If you’re in Chiswick and interested in learning more about dental implants, we’d love to help. Contact Strand On The Green Dental Practice today to schedule a consultation with our dentist in Chiswick.

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