The higher chance of having a stroke if you have poor oral health

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In our series regarding the link between dental health and general health, we have looked at stress and heart disease, this month we look at the higher likelihood of having a stroke if you have poor oral health.

Recent research has suggested that gum disease in patients carries a potentially higher risk of having a stroke than diabetes and has almost the same impact as high blood pressure in causing them.

Whilst obesity and smoking are commonly associated with raising the risk of suffering a stroke, many people don’t know the risks associated with poor oral health. According to the International Dental Health Foundation, ‘only one in six people realise that people with gum disease may have an increased risk of stroke ‘.

Basically, bacterial infections can cause the body to be at higher risk of developing a blood clot which in turn is what causes the higher risk of developing a stroke.

What can you do?

If preventing gum disease may lower your risk of having a stroke, isn’t it worth flossing and brushing regularly? You should also visit your dentist and hygienist here at Strand on the Green Dental Practice every six months for a full dental health check and a thorough cleaning of your teeth.

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