Can my dentist in Chiswick help me feel more confident?

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We understand that for lots of our patients visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience. We are proud to say that we welcome anyone who’s feeling anxious or uncomfortable to the dentist and work with all our patients to make their experience as calm and stress free as possible. All our dentists in Chiswick are well accustomed to dental anxiety and will guide you through all procedures and concerns. There are things you can do to help your experience too. Here’s a guide to dental settle those dental butterflies.

Practical tips to get you in the dentist’s chair

Firstly we recommend coming and seeing us early in the morning for your first appointment, there’s no need for you to spend all day worrying about your afternoon appointment. Come early before you’ve time to sit in uncomfortable thoughts.

You could always come and see us prior to your appointment. Many people find visiting new places stressful, if you’re a new patient and worried about finding the practice and getting parked, feel free to come and pay us a visit in advance of your appointment. The team will warmly welcome you and put you at ease with any queries and questions you have ahead of the appointment.

Get to know you dentist in Chiswick we have biographies and breakdowns of all our practitioners on our website. Take a look at who you would like to have your treatment with, or get to know their face. Again, having an idea of who will be performing your check up or procedure will help ease any anxieties you could be having.

If you’re not in pain and you’re just trying to get back into seeing a dentist, come and book a simple check up for your first appointment. This way you’re just slowly getting used to having your teeth looked at again. No big jobs on your first visit.

Bring a friend or family member with you to your appointment. We see our dental practice as one giant family and so are more than happy to welcome your loved ones to the practice. Don’t be embarrassed or worried about bringing someone with you. Having a friendly face to support you can make a real difference.

Top Tips for in the chair

If you’re feeling particularly anxious there are extra little things you can do to help when you’re actually with the dentist in Chiswick.

Bring an eye mask with you – if the surroundings of the dentist, the chair, lights and tools are what makes you worried, take away the visual.

Bring headphones – if it’s the noises that set those butterflies flying, having soothing sounds in your ears can take you away to a different place.

Work out a hand signal with your dentist if you begin to feel too uncomfortable and want them to stop. This can be as simple as just raising your hand. Having this level of control can really help with anxiety.

If you have any more questions regarding dental anxiety please do get in contact with us at the practice.

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