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If you have ever moved to a new area, then you will know that there are a lot of things you have to consider in the initial few weeks after your move, especially if you have a young family. You need to think about the requirements of each of your family members. You have to find schools for any children in your family unit, doctors who can take care of the health of your entire family, and a dental practice that will be able to help your family with their oral health and hygiene needs.

We understand that it may take you some time after your move to get around to registering with a dental practice, as you will have a lot of things to think about when setting up a new home. However, we remind you that it is extremely important for you and your family to seek to register with a dentist in Chiswick so that you can all undergo your oral health check-ups and to receive any dental treatment any of you may require.

Here at Strand On The Green Dental Practice, we invite families who are new to the area to contact our practice to find out how to register with our team, as this will help you to begin to take advantage of all the treatments, services, and benefits that we can offer you and your family.

Your family’s first appointments

Once you have registered yourself and your family with our dentist in Chiswick you will need to visit us for your first appointment and to undergo an initial oral health and hygiene check. This will allow us to gain an understanding of each of your family member’s oral health needs. Another purpose of your initial appointment is to provide time for introductions to be made. This will allow us to start to get to know a little about you and your family members, as this can provide useful information that we may need to consider when providing you with treatments and services.

We would like to reassure those of you that are parents that your children will be treated with all the care and respect that you would expect from a professional medical team. We know that your children may be nervous when they first visit a new dental practice and it is our aim to help them to successfully engage with our practice and any dental treatment they may need.

Our team will always seek to come across as warm and friendly to your children, we will put them at ease and allow them the time they need to feel comfortable before engaging with the dental chair and dental treatment. We want your children to be happy to receive their oral check-ups and treatments, that way they will feel comfortable to visit regularly.

So remember, if you have newly moved to the area don’t forget that it is important for you to register with our dentist in Chiswick, as this will allow you and your family to enjoy a high standard of oral health.

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